VP20-POCT Chemistry Analyzer

VP20 chemistry analyzer is portable, only needs a small space to store. The‘all-in-one-solution’ system is easy to operate. And solutions are tailored to veterinarians’ needs. Also, different test panels can be chosen for different clinical uses.
General Diagnostic Panel 16: TP, ALB, ALT, ALP, TBIL, CREA, UREA, CK, AMY, GLU, TCH, Ca, P, *GLO, *A/G, *UREA/CRE"
Kidney Diagnostic Panel 8: TP, ALB, CREA, UREA, Ca, P, tCO2, *UREA/CRE
Liver Diagnostic Panel 12: TP, ALB, ALT   AST, GGT, ALP, TBIL, DBIL, *GLO, *A/G, *IBIL, *ALT/AST"
Preoperative Panel 10: TP, ALT, AST, CREA      UREA, CK, GLU, LDH, *UREA/CRE, *ALT/AST"
Critical Care Panel 9: ALT, CREA, UREA, GLU, tCO2, K, Na, CL, *UREA/CRE
Electrolyte Panel 7: Ca, P, tCO2, K, Na, CL, Mg
6 test panels
Support 11 species
Result in 12 minutes
Easy operation
Built-in printer & QR code scanner
Principle: Colorimetry, microfluidics
Sample: Whole blood, plasma, serum
Reaction time: 12mins
Sample volume: 140ul
Diluent volume: 770ul
Species: Dog, cat, rabbit, mouse, pig, monkey, cow, sheep, lizard, horse, turtle
QR code: Built-in QR code scanner
QR code including: disc type,time, Items, calibration curve
Wavelength: 340nm, 405nm, 470nm, 510nm, 546nm, 630nm
Software upgrade: Support WiFi, USB flash disk
Optical: LED lamp, over 50000 hours
Reaction temp.: 37℃±0.3
System software: Android5.0
Storage: Up to 50000 Results
Screen: 7-inch touch screen
Port:1 USB-A port, 1USB-B port, 1 LAN port
Dimension: 310mm×250mm×210mm(Width*Depth*Height)
Multi-language: Chinese, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, French