NE32-Veterinary POCT Fully-Auto Nucleic Acids Extraction Instrument

This compact yet powerful instrument is based on magnetic beads method, which is the gold-standard in nucleic acids extraction. Matching with Genvet qPCR instrument VN8, you will have a excellent molecular diagnostic experience.
Total solution: instrument + reagent kit
Throughput: 1~2
Principle: Magentic beads method
Extraction Time: <8 mins
Dispensing Volume: 20μL~200μL
Disinfection: Built-in UV lamp
Magentic beads recovery efficiency: >95%
Nucleic acids extraction efficiency: CV≤3%
Only 3.7 kg, with the dimension 207mm*230mm*205mm (D*W*H), you can put it in any vet clinics !
With 3 indicator lights, all you need is to push one button to make the procedure start running.
With maintenance-free instrument and RT stored reagent, it will reduced the cost when running a vet clinics !