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Live from San Diego: Genvet at Fetch dvm360

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Author : Christine
Update time : 2023-02-08 11:24:28
The Fetch dvm360 was held in San Diego Convention Center on 2nd -4th December 2022. Fetch dvm360 is the leading multimedia provider of animal health care communications, education, and research for veterinary professionals for over 50 years. They engage audiences with top-of-the-line, in-depth digital and print news, medical information, and veterinary resources focusing on every aspect of a veterinary professional’s life.
This year at Fetch dvm360, Genvet team is showcasing breakthrough innovations at booth 321.

Now, let me introduce some of our products for you.

VP100-- Veterinary Auto Chemistry Analyzer

VP100 is the smallest and most integrated chemistry analyzer, which is perfect for low-volume laboratories. It optimizes the use of space in the laboratory by providing full functionality in small space.
The easy automated testing improves the workflow and mitigates manual labor, together with its cost-effectiveness, making it possible to bring benefits of automatic chemistry to all laboratories.

VH50-- 5-part hematology analyzer

VH50 is a real 5-part hematology analyzer for veterinary diagnosis. In addition to testing pets, it can also test more than a dozen wild animals such as monkeys. It has a processing capacity of up to 60 times/hour, and can test 26 parameters.

VF10-- POCT Immunoassay Analyzer

VF10 is the on-site immunoassay analyzer for professional veterinary diagnosis. It is widely used for inflammation, virus test, endocrine test, etc. VF10 is easy to operate and provide quick results from serum, body secretion (nasal discharge, eye mucus, saliva), etc.

VN8-- Veterinary Fluorescence Quantitative PCR Amplification Instrument

VN8, your smart veterinary Fluorescence quantitative PCR amplification instrument, increase efficiency in different work environments, such as clinics, mobile practitioners, laboratories or any on-site demands.

As a professional partner for veterinary diagnosis, we will continue bringing latest IVD products and better services for everyone.