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We have a wide range of veterinary diagnosis products including chemistry analyzer, hematology analysis, immunoassay, urine analyzer, veterinary information management system and etc.
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Professional Provider for VET
Genvet’s mission is intended to become a professional partner for veterinary diagnostics worldwide.
Genvet aims to use high- tech diagnostics to improve pets’ health care.
Genvet-A professional partner for VET
About Gevnvet As subsidiary brand of Genrui, Genvet work on veterinary diagnosis, it is a professional partner for veterinary diagnosis. Genvet’s diversified portfolio is comprised of Immunoassay, Chemistry, Hematology, etc. As previously announced, Genv
November Wed.2020
VIMS- A useful tool for hospital
VIMS-Veterinary Information Management System
December Tue.2020
VU10-Your ideal hand-held urine analyzer
VU10-Your first ideal hand-held urine analyzer
December Fri.2020